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By Somerset Lewis and Caitlin Taylor


The Australian Embassy’s Sport and Literacy Packs initiative, which aims to provide every school across Timor-Leste with sport and reading equipment, is entering its final stages of distribution.


In a bid to ensure every Timorese child has the foundations needed to get a strong start in their education, Timor-Leste’s Ministry of Education and Care have assisted the Australian Embassy in reaching the country’s 1,370 schools.


“Each pack is being hand-delivered to each and every school,” Debbie Wong, first secretary in Education at the Australian Embassy, said. 


“The delivery has had to be timed carefully to ensure it is completed before the onset of the rainy season.”


Regardless of location, every primary school has received a literacy pack containing 332 early grade books in Tetun and Portuguese, equipping teachers with the tools to improve student’s reading abilities. 


“Classrooms filled with books, storybook reading, writing and play allow children to joy and power associated with reading and writing, while mastering basic concepts,” Ms Wong said. 


Secondary students, particularly those in remote areas of Timor-Leste, have also benefited from the initiative receiving two footballs, one volleyball, one volleyball net and an air pump.


Ms Wong says she hopes the sport packs will encourage children to get out and be active with their friends.


“Not only does sport improve physical health, it can build friendships, confidence an encourage greater levels of school attendance,” she said. 


The Australian Embassy and The Alola Foundation are providing guidance for teachers to ensure packs are used in the most effective manner. 


Teachers will be taught creative activities and games with the books and sports equipment.



Only a few schools in the eastern part of the country are still waiting to receive their packs, however are expecting the delivery this week. 

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By Caitlin Taylor, Tahlia Sarv and Somerset Lewis 


An award winning Australian film will be screened in Tetum at the Dili Convention Centre on September 19, as part of efforts to support the development of the local language.  


The free screening of the 2011 film ‘Red Dog’, which is being put on by the Australian Embassy in Dili, tells the true story of a dog who goes in search of his master across the Australian outback. 


Public Diplomacy Officer at the Australian Embassy, Matt Wilkinson says the event will help strengthen ties between the two countries. 


“We also want to support the development of the Tetum language for the people of Timor-Leste, and recording the film in Tetum adds to the small pool of Tetum media that’s out there,” he said. 


The film will be screened in conjunction with Cinema Lorosae, an Australian company that has been showing outdoor films around Timor-Leste for the past 5 years. 


Currently there are only a handful of movies that have been dubbed into Tetum.


“It is a great opportunity for Timorese people to enjoy some Australian culture in their own language,” Mr Wilkinson said. “Red Dog was chosen as a film that portrays a part of Australia, that many people don’t see - the Outback.” 



Families and locals are encouraged to bring along a rug and picnic to enjoy the film, which kicks off at six o’clock pm.  

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By Somerset Lewis, Tahlia Sarv and Caitlin Taylor


The Australian Embassy has welcomed the first set of students hosted by the New Colombo Plan, in an effort to deepen Australian- Timor-Leste relationships and lift knowledge of the Indo Pacific region. 


The three education students from Victoria’s Federation University, Rose Ivens, Christie Panozzo and Natalie Dicksonarrived in Dili yesterday to be greeted by senior figures from both governments and the Universidade Nacional Timor Lorsa at the Australian Ambassador’s house. 


The Colombo Plan is an Australian Government initiative providing students with prestigious scholarships for both short and long term study. 


During their three-week stay, the students will develop a strong socio-cultural understanding by teaching in local primary schools and attending workshops hosted by the Universidade Nacional Timor Lorsa.


One of the students says she looks forward to learning more about education in the country. 


“East Timor is a country I don’t know much about so I’m hoping to learn more about it and see how the teachers educate their students over here,” Christie said.


Fellow student Natalie, 21, added that both cultures would benefit from this experience. 


“I feel like they will gain from what we can bring to them but we’ll also gain from how they so both sort of showing different ways of how we manage classrooms,” Natalie said.


In a country that boasts a fairly different style of teaching, the girls say they expect the next three weeks to challenge them, but that’s why they’re here.


“What’s brought me to Timor is the chance to teach in an entirely different environment to what I would in Australia,” third student Rose, 28, said.


“Even in some of the far flung communities [in Australia] it’s still the same sort of basic structure.”



Over the next two years, a total of 88 students from seven Australian universities will come to Timor-Leste as part of the new plan. 

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Tempo Timor : Kurta-Feira, (29/7) Universidade Nasional Timor-Leste (UNTL) hetan lider foun hafoin DR, Francisco Manuel Martins eleitu nu’udar Reitor Universidade Nasional Timor-Leste (UNTL) ba periodu 2016 to’o 2020, hafoin maioria Konsellu Jeral UNTL d3posita sira nia votu ba nia.


Total kandidatu ne’ebé kompete iha votasaun ne’e hamutuk ema na’in rua, ida maka Reitor sesante, Aurelio Guteres no kandidatu ida seluk maka, Francisco Manuel Martins. 


Prosesu votasaun hili Reitor foun UNTL ba periodu 2016-2020 ne’ebé hala’o iha salaun inkontru arquivo da rejistensia partisipa husi membru konselu jeral hamutuk ema na’in 12 maka iha direitu votu.


Rejutadu votasaun iha momentu ne’e hatudu katak, membru konselu jeral na’in  10 maka vota ba Francisco Manuel Martins no na’in 2 maka vota ba Aurelio, tan ne’e Francisco maka ofisialmente asumi kargu nu’udar reitor foun UNTL. 


Hafoin eleitu, Francisco haktuir ba Online Tempo Timor katak, programa prioridade hamutuk sanulun resin lima (15) ne’ebé maka importante tebes atu implementa durante ninia mandatu, hodi nune’e bele reforsa kualidade institusional UNTL.


“husi programa hirak ne’ebe ohin ha’u temi maka hanesan, planeamentu jestaun institusional, konstrusaun ajenda akademika, asistensia estudantil, peskiza kriasaun no inovasaun, politika de kualifikasaun graduasaun de serbisu, sustentabilidade no institusionalizasaun do planeamentu komunikasaun meuambiente no plantasaun de agua saniamentu institusional.” dehan Francisco iha ninia intervista ho Jornalista Online Tempo Timor.


Aliende ida ne’e iha mos programa seluk maka hanesan, institusionalizasaun implementasaun da sistema internal administrasaun finansas, kriasaun de novas unidades organika naun interna, organizasaun akademika da administrative kooperasaun nasional no internasional.


Francisco haktuir, programa prioridade hirak ne’e maka sei impementa iha prosesu dezenvolvimentu institusional UNTL ne’ebé eziste nu’udar instituisiona publika do estadu, institusional formadora iha responsabilidade moral etiku no politiku hodi fo formasaun ida ne’ebe adekuadu no kuaidade ba ida ne’e.



“UNTL nu’udar instituisaun publika, ne’e duni iha orsamentu ne’ebe preve ona iha orsamentu jeral do estadu. Mesmu nune’e, bazeia ba ha’u nia aprezentasaun ohin katak, UNTL labele depedente de’it ba orsamentu do estadu maibe oinsá bele buka ona fundus rasik hodi sustenta nesesidade Universidade nian.” Francisco hakotu (**) 

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Tempo Timor :Bazeia ba kalendariu husi Ministeriu Edukasaun (ME) loron 3 fulan Augustu eskola hotu-hotu iha teritoriu Timor-Leste sei hala’o izame ba segundu periodu nian, ne’e duni ME husu ba eskola hotu-hotu tenke kumpri kalendariu ne’ebé Ministeriu determina ona. 


Prosesu izame normal hanesan bainbain ita hala’o, tan ne’e iha loron 3 fulan Augustu eskola hotu-hotu iha timor laran sei hahu fali izame ba daruak nian, tanba ne’e ami husi ME husu ba eskola hotu tenke kumpri kalendariu ne’ebe maka Ministeriu fo sai, labele akontese tan hanesan fali izame ba primeiru periodu nian ne’ebé maka eskola ida rua hala’o uluk ona izame ho razaun katak eskola balun sala de aula la to’o.


“diretor eskola balun fó razaun katak, sira hala’o uluk izame tanba sala de aula la to’o no estudante barak liu ne’e duni Ministeriu mós toleransia” dehan Disretur Kurukulum Fernando Gama ba Jornalista hafoin vizita eskola Tekniku Vokasional Becora, Dili.


Nia haktuir, izame hanesan bainbain maibe material maka labele hanesan ho izame periode primeiru nian, se lae estudante sira se hetan hotu valor boot tanba hatene ona material sira ne’e.


Parte kurikulum sei buka identifika mos estudante sira e’ebe maka durante prosesu aprendizajen nunka tama aula hodi simu material, maibe to’o izame maka tama izame de’it. 


“ami sei buka razaun saida maka estudante sira ne’e la tama eskola, karik sira moras ka iha problema ruma maka halo nia latama eskola, ida ne’e professor sira mos tenke identifika lai hodi autoriza tuir izame ka lae tuir izame.”



Nia argumeta, ida ne’e regulamentu ME nian tanba se labarik ida maka latama eskola ida tenke fo avizu ba nia ka sansaun ruma hodi nune’e nia bele hanoin ba oin ne’e nusa. (**)

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