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By Tahlia Sarv 


East Timor’s first regional hotel of an international standard is hoping to boost tourism in Balibo, after around 20 Timorese men and women were recognised at Balibo Fort Hotel for their completion of hotel and tourism training. 


The boutique hotel is a venture undertaken by Balibo House Trust, aimed at providing tourists with a well-managed facility in Balibo and creating non-agricultural jobs for local Timorese. 


The young staffs were awarded certificates to mark the end of their six months of training of the ‘Tourism Service Quality Programme: Housekeeping, Kitchen, F&B, and Tourism Operations’.


The Australian Supported training, which commenced in March this year, was provided by Taylor’s University Malaysia though Market Development Facility (MDF) and Balibo House Trust. 


Dr Frederic Bouchon, an advisor from Taylor’s University, was one of the trainers who worked closely with the new staff, in helping them to provide an international standard of heritage tourism services. 


“It’s very difficult to be at quite a boutique hotel level with no training or experience,” he said. “Our objectives were to give a basic training in the various hotel and tourism fundamentals.”


“So for all of them it is to understand what is housekeeping, what is front of office, what’s main desk, what’s kitchen and what’s tourism management,” he explained. 


The luxury hotel is the product of a renovated 18th century Portuguese fort, and is located just a two minute walk from the Balibo Five Flag House Memorial Room.  


Newly trained staff member, Florindo Da Purificacao was recognised at the ceremony and said he was extremely appreciative of the job opportunity and provided experience. 


“I am happy because the training has been done for six months and this is the first time Balibo people, young people, have an opportunity to be trained in Balibo,” Mr Da Purificacao said


“Although today is the end of everything, I’m so happy I gained the knowledge from the training.” 


The initiative has created 29 jobs for the construction and operation of the hotel and is expected to benefit over 60 small and medium enterprises in the district. 


Dr Frederic Bouchon said that by establishing a commercially viable hotel like this in Balibo, tourists can stay for a longer duration and thus strengthen the local region’s economy. 


“It’s a luxury hotel in a rural community so it’s good in a sense that it can bring innovation here,” he said. 


“The spirit of it is quite positive because it aims to redistribute the benefit of tourism to the community, it employs local people from the community.” 


“This hotel is very much a pioneer and setting the trends in this region,” he explained. “Beyond Dili there’s not many hotels that have this standard so the big challenge was to have staff that were able to operate and to maintain the quality.” 


Francis also says he’s optimistic about the sustainability of the hotel and the growth of its services. 


“In terms of service quality I think the staff is very good now, I think in 6 months it is a fantastic improvement and in tour guiding there’s one or two people who have been trained to take the tourists around.”



Within the fort’s renovated grounds, the hotel offers luxury accommodation, panoramic views, guided tours, a restaurant, museum and gallery. 

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By Caitlin Taylor, Somerset Lewis and Tahlia Sarv 


Heineken has begun the training of Timorese workers in preparation for the opening of their 40 million dollar ‘multi beverage’ facility near Dili, planned for late next year. 


The Dutch brewer signed a formal land lease with the Timor-Leste government in June and began construction in August, creating 1000 jobs for locals around the country. 


General Manager of Heineken Timor-Leste, Vinay Mathur, says that in a bid to ensure immediate success, brewery supervisors have already been sent to Indonesia to commence mandatory training.  


“[Heineken] are hiring even the factory workers now and we will put them again on a plane to Indonesia because we have 2 breweries there,” he said. 


“In total 50 people will train in Indonesia for the next 9-10 months.”


Mr Mathur admits that the facility is one of the company’s smallest but anticipates the large investment in staff training will pay off. 


“The reason why we are investing this sum is because we don’t want the first beer that comes out of the local brewery to be any different in quality or taste than the imported beers.” 


With 55 per cent of the population under the age of eighteen, Timor-Leste provides the company with a vast employment base. 


Staff at the brewery will comprise largely of Timorese locals with the aim of providing long-term employment with reasonable salaries. 


“There’s been a fair bit of positive spin coming from the community because of what we are offering. I don’t think people have too much to complain about,” Mr Mathur said. 


 “It will be the beacon of our investment in the country. We will build the local technical management skills amongst the population.”


Heineken’s investment in a multi beverage plant is the first foreign investment in Timor-Leste’s manufacturing sector.


Mr Mathur says the young country is appealing due to its fast growing economy on the back of oil and gas revenues. 


“Basically what excited us about the country was fundamentally the way they are managing their oil rent,” he explained.


“Here the money is all in a sovereign wealth fund and the fact they were using the wealth fund in a fairly mature manner to invest in infrastructure.” 


The venture also shows promise due to the lack of beer variety in Timor-Leste with Heineken, Tiger, Bintang and ABC all produced by the Dutch company. 


“It’s very clear that it’s a one player market,” he said. 


If all goes to plan, it is anticipated that the first batch of beer will be in the hands of locals by December of 2016 with an area of the factory designated for visitors to try an array of Heineken products. 



In order to secure a return on the multi million-dollar investment, the Dili brewery will also produce a carbonated soft drink line as well as bottled water. 

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Tempo Timor : Primeiru Ministru VI Governu Konstitusional iha ninia deskursu durante de tomada de pose iha loron 16/02/2015 fo sai ona katak reforma fiscal sai hanesan prioridade ida maibe hein ba hein la mosu rezultadu nune’eeis Deputadu Partidu Klibur Timor Oan Asuwain (KOTA), Manuel Tilmanla optimista ho servisu administratisaun publika liu-liu iha Ministeriu Finansas (MF) ninian relasiona ho reforma fiskal, tanba seidauk   atinji nível ida ne’ebé determina katak sosiedade selu imposto hodi hasa’e reseita estadu ninian.

 “agora daudaun impostu  iha aktividade tolu maka hanesan rendimentu ida ne’ebé ema bolu reseitas ita nian. Maibe, iha Timor Leste reseitas iha oin rua, ida petrolífero no  não petrolífero ki’ik lo’os, nune’e mós ida seluk impostu sobre dispezas. Impostu sobre despezas maka konsumu supermi, pop mie, sabaun, masi midar no  roupa obralan sira ne’ebé tama mai ne’e selu imposto,” dehan Manuel Tilman ba jornalista sira hafoin partisipa aprezentasaun programa reforma fiskas ne’ebé hala’o iha  Hotel Novu Turismu. 


Manuel haktuir, hakarak atu reforma ita presija hatene lolos buat ida atu reforma,  reforma deit mentalidade ka lae,,,!.Se ema dehan Governu 80% moris ho agrikultor sira la’os selu impostu ida, maibe ita selu sira ne’ebé kaer trator selu impostu ida selu import taxe husi importador ida husi Indonezia ninian.


Nia mos kestiona katak, bainhira atu reforma  fiskal tenke hare equilibre ida ho justisa sosial, nomos se mak la simu no se mak la hetan rendimentu selu fali impostu.


“Ohin loron  se mak selu impostu 80% agrikultor la hetan rendimentu aat, ne’e mak selu impostu  ida ne’ebé konsumu  impostu ida be importasaun, hau hakarak hare to’ok  persentazen husu tok Governu. hira mak tun mai,” Tilman kestiona.


Aleinde ne’e, 10% karik funsionariu sira.Tanbá funsionariu liu-liu funsionriu publikus sira mak selu impostu  tansa kua kedas  buat ida nune’e, “ ha’u hare sira seluk la selu ida hanesan  ami advogadu  rasik la selu ida barak sai nain tan osan selu saída agora sira be impor, expor  aprezenta buat ida naran rendimentu  negativu,”relata nia.



Tilman  afirma,   husu de’it selu impostu perdiam ba estranjeirus ka lae,,,! Tanba tuir lei tenkeser deskonta buat hirak ne’e laos impostu sobre parselas, lae impostu  sobre totalidade ida katak salariu impostu ho tan perdiam sira,  tenke soma hamutuk mak sai 10% . (**)

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Tempo Timor : Governu halo ona esforsu hodi aijuda makas setor pribadu sira liu husi orsamentu estadu ne'ebe fahe projeitu oioin ba empreza Timor Oan, maibe politika investimentu ne’ebé Governu hala’o durante tinan barak nia laran sei malahuk hela tanba maioria setor pribadu iha Timor-Leste sei depende nafatin ba projetu husi Governu no la reinveste sira nia osan ba setor produtivu.

Situasaun ida ne’e halo mós sosiedade sivil sira preokupa tebes ho ezistensia setor pribadu sira, liu-liu ba emprezariu timor oan sira, tanba Governu kria ona kondisaun ba sira maibe sira la aproveita ho di’ak.

Hatan ba kestaun hirak ne’e, Diretor Ezekutivu, Arsenio Pereira da Silva hateten, sosiedade sivil mós preokupa tebes ho situasaun setor privadu ka emaprezariu local sira tanba dala barak liu sira depedente de’it ba projetu husi governu, maibe sira ladun halo investimentu rasik.

Dala barak sira hetan projetu husi governu mais lukru ne’ebe sira hetan husi governu ne’e la investe, entaun ita hare katak daudauk ema husi nasaun seluk maka agora mai investe barak iha timor no loke loza bobot hodi fó serbisu ba timor oan sira.

“Ninia impaktu maka agora ne’e ita tama ba iha prosesu ida hanesan liberalizasaun, tanba bainhira ita tama ba Asian entaun hakarak ka lakohi ita tenke iha kompetisaun makas tanba ita adopta sistema merkadu livre ne’e duni ema hotu bele tama mai, tan ne’e maka se ita la antisipa ka la preparadu iha asuntu ida ne’e klaru katak, ema liur sira maka sei mai domina fali ita nia ekonomia.” dehan Diretor FONGTIL Arsenio da Silva ba Tempo Timor (26/8). 

Molok taka ninia liafuan Arsenio seo piadas hodi dehan, dala barak ita nia lideransa sira dehan Timor Leste ninia kresimentu ekonomia sae maibe ita nia emprezariu lokal sira ladun investe no depedne de’it ba projetu husi governu. 

Entertantu Segundu Vise Presidente Parlamentu Nasional (PN), Aderito Hugo ba Jornalista sira hateten, ita presiza hatene setor privadu sira ne’ebé durante ne’e sai parseria ba governu hodi halo projetu eskola, Estrada, pontes no klinika sira iha kualidade di’ak ka lae, tanba insiativa kontaktor setor privadu timor oan, komesa iha projetu pakote referendum mai to’o iha PDD, PNDS ne’e sira hatudu saida ona no iha progresu positivu ruma ka lae.

 Hugo haktuir, hahu tinan 2009 mai to’o agora setor privadu hetan ona aproveitamentu ka lae hanesan iha kapasidade intermus de kapital ka osan ne’ebé sira hetan husi projetu governu nian ne’e sufiesente ona para atu eleva sira ninia kapasidade kualidade hanesan setor pribadu kontraktor.

“Ha’u dehan setor privadu kontraktor, tanba ita nia setor privadu ne’e presiza klasifika, tanba setor privadu barak liu maka depende de’it ba projetu governu nian no setor privadu ida investor ne’e ita bele konta ho ita nia liman fuan.” tenik Hugo. 

Deputadu husi Bankada CNRT ne’e rekoñese katak, daudauk ne’e setor privadu investor ne’e barak liu ema estranzeiru, ate mai halo ruko ka apartementu mós mesak ema husi rai liur hotu, maibe setor privadu investor ita timor ne’e bele konta de’it ho liman fuan. 

Ho situasaun sira ne’e hotu ita presiza hatene saida maka ita tenke halo ba tinan 13 andamentu estadu nian, andamentu orgaun soberanu ninian, liu-liu ezekutivu sira ninia dezenpenamentu. Ita presiza halo avaliasaun ba setor hirak ne’e hotu, tanba politika investimentu ne’ebé maka ita halo durante ne’e, investimentu ho ninia intensaun atu dezenvolve parte hotu-hotu, tanba ita presiza halo Estrada, halo edifisiu publiku ne’ebé presiza setor privadu kontraktor sira atu partisipa, maibe amesmu tempu ita presiza mós setor privadu sira atu aproveita oportunidade hirak ne’e hodi kapasita sira ninia an.

Setor privadu kontraktor sira maioria emprezariu nasional, ne’e duni hatene iha aproveitamentu iha ka lae, ezemplu balun keta halo projetu hotu tiha sira ninia kompaina mós taka no muda fali naran kompaina.

“Ha’u hanoin lina ministerias sira ne’ebé kobre asuntu ida ne’e tenke halo avaliasaun ida hodi nune’e ita nia politika investimentu orsamentu ne’eée ita halo iha tinan hira nia laran mai to’o ohin loron bele iha aproveitamentu, se lae ita investe nafatin iha investimentu publiku, maibe ita nia setor privadu iha fatin hela de’it ka atraza liu tan, ha’u sente ida ne’e la di’ak.” Hugo kestiona.

Hanesa publiku tomak hatene, setor pubiku ne’ebe benefisia husi orsamentu estadu nian ne’ebé tinan tinan kontribui ba korenta ital mill funsionariu publiku, tantu permanente, kontrotadu, inklui Forsa Defeza no PNTL, maibe setor pribadu kontribui hira ba kampu de trabalhu ida ne’e.


Ita tenke halo avaliasaun konkretas no lina ministerias sira tenke foti estatistika sira hanesan ne’e, hodi nune’e bele hare, ita iha ne’ebé, atu ba iha ne’ebé no atu halo saida, se lae ita ida-idak mai ho ninia teoria oin-oin no mai halo esplikasaun tun sa’e iha Paramentu para depois hetan aprovasaun maibe problema maka nafatin hela de’it. (**)

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Tempo Timor : Presu sasan iha merkadoria kontinua sai preokupasaun ba ema barak, liu-liu ba povu ki’ik sira ne’ebé moris iha risku ekonomia fraku. 


Situasaun hanesan ne’e, la’os de’it fó impaktu ba povu ki’ik sira, maibe prejudika mós pilares ekonomia hotu-hotu, inklui komersiante sira nivel alto ne’ebé direitamente aktivo iha area komersiu externo. 


“Hanesan nasaun foun, Timor Leste infrenta hela problema barak, liu-liu problema ekonomia, tanba faktus hatudu to’o ohin loron povu barak sei moris ki’ak, la kampu de serbisu, rendimentu povu minimu no problema sosial sira seluk tan, nune’e mós Timor-Leste sei dependente ba nasaun seluk hodi importa produtus hirak ne’ebé presiza atu konsumu.” dehan Xefe Grupu Juvetude Verde, Diamentino Boa Rui de Andrade ba Tempo Timor liu husi via telefone (14/8). 


Diamentino rekoñese katak, ho dependensia hirak ne’e jeralmente Timor Leste sei la ses husi dependensia iha setor ekonomia no ida ne’e afeita tebes ba presu merkadoria iha rai laran, tanba Governu rasik to’o ohin loron seidauk bele hala’o kontrolu masimu ba folin sasan, liu-liu folin sasan nesesidade baziku no folin sasan ba material konstrusaun nian. 


“situasaun hanesan la’os de’it akontese iha kapital Dili, maibe akontese mós iha Munisipiu tanba folin sasan entre Munisipiu la hanesan no ironia liu tan presu entre loza ida ba loza seluk mós la hanesan. Ezemplu, folin fós 25kg iha Munisipiu loza balun fa’an ho folin U$ 14.00 kada saku, maibe iha loza balun ho folin U$, 14. 50 centavos no folin iha Postu Administrativu dala rua bele to’o U$ 16.00 até U$ 17.00.” tenik Xefe Grupu ne’e. 


Entertantu Hilario F. Mendes haktuir ba Tempo Timor iha Merkadu Taibesi, (14/8) katak, atu kontrola sasan folin ne’ebé serkula iha teritoriu Timor-Leste, Governu liu Ministeriu Komersiu Industria Ambiente (MKIA) presija kria ona regulamentu ida kona ba folin sasan, hodi nune’e fa’an na’in sira labele hasae sasan folin konforme sira nia hakarak maibe tenke tuir mata dalan ne’ebé Governu fó sai. 


“ha’u hanoin asuntu ne’e importante tebes ne’e duni Governu presija kontrola, se lae ema ida bele hasai folin sasan konforme ninia hakarak” tenik Ainaro oan ne’e hodi sosa hela sasan nesesidade baziku nian iha merkadu Taibesi. 



Tempo Timor mós tenta konfirma ba Ministriu relevante maibe la konsege, tan ne’e to’o notisia ne’e publika seidauk hetan resposta husi Ministru relevante. (**)

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