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Ainaro, Tempo Semanal – Prezidente Republika, Taur Matan Ruak, iha loron 21/04/2015 hala’o vizita de servisu ba Jakarta hodi hola parte iha Konferensia Azia Afrika no fila hikas mai Timor_Leste iha loron Sabado (25/04) deskansa loron ida de’it maibe Taur hare hanesan sente laran taridu atu hakat nafatin ba vizita ninia povu sira iha area rurais nune’e duni iha Segunda-feira (27/05) eis Xefe Estadu Maior das FALINTIL ne’e halo kedan viajen ba hala’o dialogu ho komunidade Suku Aituto, Postu Administrativu Maubessi no Suku Mausiga, Postu Administrativu Hatu-Builiku, Munisipiu Ainaro.

Iha Suku Aituto komunidade sira husu atu estadu bele halo revizaun ba Lei Pensaun Vitalisia tamba fó de’it benefisiu ba grupu balu de’it.

Ba komunidade sira-nia kestaun ne’e, Xefe Estadu hatete,”Parlamentu tomak hakarak muda. Maibé sei presiza tempu. Ida ne’e Parlamentu nia knár.
Iha Suku Mausiga, komunidade sira hato’o ba Xefe Estadu, preokupasaun kona-ba ‘check point’ ne’ebe Komando Operasaun Konjunta (KOK) hala’o oras ne’e. Tuir komunidade sira, operasaun ne’e halo sira ba fati-fatin tenke lori Kartaun Eleitoral, hanesan fali iha tempu okupasaun Indonesia.

Komunidade sira mós keixa kona-ba atitude husi membru KOK sira balun ne’ebé dalaruma atua la profesional, wainhira hala’o pasa revista ba populasaun sira. Tamba, ne’e populasaun sira hakarak hatene husi Xefe Estadu, wainhira loos maka operasaun husi KOK ne’e sei remata.

Hatan ba preokupasaun ne’e, Xefe Estadu hatete, “Itaboot sira lalika preokupa. Karik iha Polisia sira husu imi-nia KTP (Kartaun Eleitoral), koopera. Karik sira (Polisia) trata imi ladi’ak, fó hatene

Xefe Estadu dehan liútan, “Ha’u husu ona ba Primeiru Ministru atu hatun, hamenus check point. Tau atensaun de’it ba fatin sira ne’ebé presiza tau atensaun”.
Antes halo dialogu ho komunidade Suku Mausiga, Xefe Estadu, hamutuk ho autoridades lokal Munisipiu Ainaro ne’ebé akompaña Nia, presta uluk omenájen, hodi tau ai-funan iha rate antigu kombatente no eis Xefe Suku Mausiga, Manuel de Araujo.

Hafoin husi Suku Rua ne’e Prezidenti da Republika sei hakat liu ba suku rua seluk iha Suku seluk iha Municipio Ainaro no iha kalan Tersa (28/04) Prezidenti Taur sei deskansa iha Suku Kasa no loron kuarta Feira (29/04) Prezidenti ne’e sei hakat liu ba hasoru malu ho komunidade sira iha suku sira seluk iha Municipiu Suai.

Dezde assume kargu hanesan Prezidenti da Republika, Taur Matan Ruak hala’o ona vizita ba suku 329 husi suku 442 iha nasaun ne’e. Taur Matan Ruak promete ona iha 06 Oetobru 2011 katak wainhira assume pasta hanesan Prezidenti da Republika maka Taur Matan Ruak sei buka esforsu a’an atu motiva povu hosi hamutuk kontrubui ba Dezenvolvimentu Nasaun ne’e.

Publika iha Nasional


It is with great satisfaction that I address Your Excellencies and convey to you the warmest greetings on behalf of the people of Timor-Leste.
My satisfaction is greater because we meet at this emotional celebration of the sixtieth anniversary of the Asian-African Conference in Bandung and the tenth anniversary of the New Asian-African Strategic Partnership.

60 years ago, in a world of extreme bipolarity—while the base for a war known as "cold" was being created—the Asian and African statesmen committed to values and principles which reflected the deepest aspirations of our peoples in the search for more safety and wellbeing.

The vision asserted in Bandung has benefited and informed the world order for the past 60 years. The Bandung principles were guidelines for action, produced practical effects and remain extraordinarily current.

Peaceful coexistence, mutual respect between States, non-interference in internal matters, rejection of all acts or threats of aggression are values that we must continue advocating, even under these new circumstances marked as they are by a degree of unpredictability and uncertainty.
The way we perceive the world and act within it must be rethought.


The relations between Timor-Leste and Indonesia show the extraordinary force of negotiation and dialogue in the resolution of conflicts. I do not hesitate to affirm my conviction that our experience can be of value to other countries and international disputes.

Timor-Leste and Indonesia now enjoy solid relations of friendship and strong cooperation at multilateral and bilateral levels. Our process of peace and reconciliation showcases the capacity of democracies for dialogue and to devise mutually beneficial solutions, while respecting Human Rights and the dignity of the peoples.

The development of our relation was born out of an enlightened vision for the future. It was born out of our capacity to work together. And of both parties' determination to face and respond to today's challenges.

Our process of peace and reconciliation has led to a new relation of trust, relying not just on the relations between our governments, but also on the intense interaction between our peoples.

Our bilateral and multilateral cooperation is today an important asset for the stability and security of our region and a contribution to the social, economic development of our countries.

Development and prosperity are not possible without stability, without peace. Economic dynamism and investment require dependable, secure environments and these are only possible by ensuring the safety of the people and the building of trust from the families, investors and all stakeholders.

The peoples of Timor-Leste and Indonesia are the beneficiaries of the friendly relations we have built. The same can be said of the security in the region. Conditions for achieving greater prosperity are a dividend of Peace. Another is the respect for Human Rights.

Timor-Leste is a democracy with high levels of participation. The electorate and the national community, in general, reaffirmed their option for peace and stability in successive elections.

Citizen participation, including in the response to the challenges that directly affect them, is a basic prerequisite for inclusive development and sustainability of local development. Citizen participation is a factor that promotes good governance.

Timor-Leste is focussed on the development priorities and on the search for greater welfare. We belong to a region that has consistently achieved nearly unmatched economic growth rates, due to the atmosphere of peace, stability and security that ASEAN countries were able to build together. We are intent on joining ASEAN as a full member in due course.


While telling you about our recent history, I touched a couple of reasons that explain why Timor-Leste totally supports the terms of the Declaration On Reinvigorating the Asian-African Strategic Partnership presented to this Conference.
I will highlight now further reasons underlying our support.

The first is the focus of the Declaration on "Quality Growth". Growth that ensures the welfare of the peoples cannot focus only on GDP levels. It must also value economic and social inclusion and environmental sustainability.

Another is the focus on Food Security. And, last but not least, the attention to the sustainable development of maritime resources' economy.
Our concerns on Food Security converge.

In 2012 under Mozambican presidency the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries, the CPLP, of which Timor-Leste is a member state, held a Summit on the theme of Nutritional and Food Security. Subsequently, under the current presidency by Timor-Leste, our organization agreed to turn Food Security and Nutrition into a multilateral cooperation process and keep it on the agenda for the next 10 years, at least.

Allow me to point out that two thirds of the members of our CPLP are African states.

Regarding the priority to be given to the development of sea-based economy, the freedom and security of navigation is a pillar of international commerce and stability.

The sustainability of maritime resources has unparalleled importance for the world economy and food security itself. The maritime economy is a fundamental and irreplaceable pillar of wellbeing.

Timor-Leste is pleased that Indonesia is taking over the presidency of the IORA – Indian Ocean Rim Association – for the 2015-2017 biennium.


I conclude with a special and warm salutation to the peoples of Palestine and Western Sahara. These peoples are victims of conflicts that have dragged on for many years in violation of United Nations' resolutions and which are deeply offensive of our values and peoples dignity.

I urge that new steps are taken in earnestness and good faith towards a peaceful and negotiated solution for the situation of the Sahrawi people which respect the Bandung spirit and applicable United Nations' principles.

I also express to you the solidarity of the Timorese people with the people of Palestine. Timor-Leste supports and applauds the Declaration presented at our Conference with respect to Palestine and supports the plea for the diplomatic recognition of the Palestinian State and for assistance and support to the Palestinian people, in view of the immediate realisation of their right to Self-determination and Freedom.


I conclude by reaffirming my commitment to the strengthening of cooperation between our countries.

The enduring values of mutual respect, friendship and solidarity, which are the hallmark of the Bandung Spirit must continue to inform the work of strengthening SOUTH-SOUTH cooperation – and NORTH-SOUTH cooperation as well – towards a world order with greater equality of development opportunities for all peoples and the strengthening of peace and prosperity.

Thank you for your attention.

Publika iha Opiniaun

15 July, 1997
Today I am writing to you about something special. My meeting with Nelson Mandela!
At 4 pm I was on the football field as there was a match scheduled against another block. It was to be a decisive match, since the winner would be included amongst the 4 top teams and would qualify for the championship finals.
As the umpire hadn’t appeared, I went to the front to call another of the prison officials to take his place. As I was attempting to locate the official, they came calling after me.

Publika iha Opiniaun

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