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 By Caitlin Taylor and Somerset Lewis

The 11 member states of the World Health Organisation’s South-East Asia Region concluded talks last Friday following a week of discussions on health priorities facing the region. 


Representatives from Timor-Leste, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Nepal, Thailand, Bangladesh and The Maldives spent last week addressing health issues surrounding tobacco consumption, tuberculosis, malaria management and emergency risk management, at the 68th session of the committee meeting in Dili.


This year’s host country was the first to voice their concerns on the high prevalence of tobacco use across South-East Asia, and Timor-Leste in particular. 


Currently, the region accounts for over one-third of the world’s tobacco use, killing around 1.3 million here every year. Meanwhile, 56 per cent of Timor-Leste’s population are currently tobacco users, according to figures from the Global Adult Tobacco Survey. 


Director for the Department of Noncommunicable Diseases and Environmental Health for WHO, Dr Thaksaphon Thamarangsi, says without Timor-Leste, it’s unlikely tobacco consumption would have been adequately addressed. 


“Because of [Timor-Leste] tobacco control has become the agenda here,” he said. 


“This is the right time to have something very strong to control to control this most dangerous commodity (sic).”  


Another issue that has been on the region’s agenda for years is the elimination and control of malaria, as nearly 3.2 billion people continue to live in areas with risk of infection, according to WHO. 


In May the World Health Assembly adopted the Malaria Global Technical Strategy 2016-2030, which aims to reduce malaria deaths and disease by at least 90 per cent. But the task of tackling a variety of malaria strains means that the region’s overall strategy needs to be broadened. 


WHO’s Regional Director, Dr Poonam Khetrapal says the region now requires more targeted interventions for the P. vivax malaria, which is increasingly contributing to the disease’s global burden.  


“[P. vivax] is proving to be an extremely difficult parasite as it does not readily respond to the existing control measures and has the ability to remain hidden and beyond the reach of the currently available diagnostic tools and medication.”


Following the earthquakes in Nepal earlier this year and the spread of MERS Coronavirus, strengthening response to emergencies and outbreaks also became a key area of discussion this year. 


Throughout last week the Committee saw a demonstration of a Medical Camp Kit (MCK) that was used across Nepal this year, allowing for the adequate care of injured and displaced Nepalese. 


The solar powered kit contains everything needed in an emergency, including a staff room, consultation tent, a male and female ward, maternity tent and sanitation facilities, as well as a new water filtration system. 


“[The Kit] allows for some patients to be stabilised before you refer them, or to treat them for a few days because some of these patients travel from far away places to get there,” said Roderico Ofrin, the director of the Department of Health Security & Emergency Response. 


“It’s tailor made for Nepal, but it’s something we’d like to package generically because it can be used for other emergencies and it’s easy to reposition and send to a specific affected area.”


Timor-Leste has benefited from hosting last weeks committee meeting, with the country having been gifted the emergency MCK exhibited throughout the week, and the ability to interact with neighbouring nations.



“The benefit for us mainly is that we’re learning from other countries and we now know better (sic) about our health achievements,” says Dr Ana Isabel Soares, Timor-Leste’s Vice Minister for Health. 

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By Tahlia Sarv, Somerset Lewis and Caitlin Taylor 


When you think of Timor-Leste a history of poverty and conflict often springs to mind. As one of the world’s newest nations, its tropical shores and increasing population are largely untouched by the outside world, let alone social media. 


But after moving to Timor-Leste four years ago, 28-year-old Queenslander Natasha Cleary has spent the last year and a half developing her blog, Humans of Dili


Inspired by the hugely successful photoblog and best-selling book by Brandon Stanton Humans of New York, Ms Clearyshares the touching stories of people not only from Dili, but districts across Timor-Leste through the blog’s main Facebook page. 


“I saw Humans of New York, and I saw Humans of Pakistan, humans of everywhere…and I thought it would be really cool to do Humans of Dili because Timor-Leste is the kind of place where no one really knows a lot about it,” Natasha says. 


“I can show the human side of this little country and there are so many interesting humans here.


“Humans of Dili gave me a reason to go up to that person and talk to them.”


Edging nearly 4000 likes on the Facebook photoblog, the page is visited by mostly Timorese but has since attained an international audience after stories were shared in both Tetum and English. 


Natasha says the photoblog was initially established as simply a story and photo-sharing platform. 


“The only objective of HOD is to share ordinary peoples stories. HOD is not about me, I try to make it about everyone else and remain as anonymous as possible,” she says.


“But after a while I realised it is a good platform for awareness raising, getting alternative voices in the public arena.” 


“This year for IDAHOT day (International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia) I linked up with an NGO here and for a week I put photos of the homosexual and transsexual community [on the page] just to break down the stigma.” 


Natasha has been balancing her blog with full-time work here in Timor-Leste in an international development agency called ChildFund, and is currently working in anti-violence against children advocacy. 


With no actual photography or journalism background, but a degree in international relations and Islamist studies, Natasha says the reaction to the page has been great.  


“Generally the response is really good and also engagement with the page, the fans and stuff, their responses are also really positive,” she says. “They’re always giving encouragement to the people [on the page].”


However, she says the photoblog can still come with various difficulties.  


“One of the biggest challenges is getting people to tell me their important life stories,” she explains. 


“First of all it’s a language issue. I speak Tetum, but I’m not a native speaker, so that’s one barrier.


“I also don’t think Timorese people are really used to like media or journalists or anyone really talking to them about their lives.” 


“Sometimes I feel shy to go up to people, especially lately. It’s not easy to put yourself out there,” she admits. “Probably 99 per cent of people say ‘ yeah sure take my photo, great’. Probably one in every ten people [I speak to] leads to a great story.” 


After spending the past few years here and deeply engaging with Timor-Leste’s culture and people, Natasha holds enormous optimism for the young country’s future. 


“A lot of people think I’m too idealistic and don’t look at the problems, like yes there are a lot of problems, but it could be a lot worse,” she said. 


“Look at South Sudan, the youngest country in the world after Timor-Leste. They are in chaos and crisis, but Timor-Leste is going really well and I see this from the people I talk too.”


In regards to the future of her photoblog she admits it will be hard for her to let go when the time comes, but sees an incessant future for it. 


“When I’m panning my life and looking for my next job Humans of Dili is a huge factor. It’s my baby, I cant leave it,” she says. 


“Other people have approached me in the past being like ‘can I be a part of Humans of Dili, I’ve got a background in photography and journalism?’…Sure! It’s not mine it’s for everyone.”


“I would love to get a Timorese person [involved] so it can be totally sustainable and last forever.”


Natasha has interviewed over 1000 people now, and says the main reoccurring theme shared in people’s stories is peace. 


“Every day, on the ground, the people that I talk to, from the youngest people to the oldest people are all saying ‘I want peace, I want my education, I don’t want fighting, I want to develop the nation’.”


The project has also allowed Natasha to form special relationships with a diverse array of people in Timor-Leste. 


“When I started taking peoples photos I would start recognising these people,” she explains.


“Before I would have just driven past and not taken a second thought.” 


Whether it’s a story of sadness or triumph, a visit to the photoblog will leave you feeling touched, inspired and aware of the special place that is Timor-Leste. 

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Tempo Timor : Ema barak seidauk iha konsensia atu kumpri regras tranzitu nian, tan ne’e Deputada husi Bankada Partidu Demokratiku (PD), Maria Lourdes Besa husu ba entidade hotu atu respeita regras tranzitu ne’ebé iha, liu liu zebrakros, tanba zebrakros fó oportunidade ba ema ne’ebé maka la’o ain. 

“ tuir loloos kondoutor ka ema sira ne’ebé lori kareta tenke hatene didiak regras tranzitu nian, liu-liu kona ba zebrakros atu nune’e hotu-hotu bele la’o tuir ninia dalan para bele eveita situasaun ne’ebe akontese bebeik soke malu.” dehan Deputada Maria Lurdes Besa ba jornalista sira, iha Parlamentu Nasional, tersa,(11/08).

Iha biban ida ne’e, Deputada refere husu ba kondoutores sira ne’ebé lori transporte publiku tenke hatene didiak regras transzitu nian, tanba dala barak kondoutor sira la kumpri regra ne’ebe iha, purke bainhira hare kareta ida para hela oin maibe husi sorin kareta balun hakat liu de’it entaun dala rum abele mosu akontesementu ida ne’ebé ita hotu lakohi.

Besa hateten, regras ida ne’e tenke hanorin ba ema hotu, purezemplu tan ba sa maka TVTL lahalo programa oinsá maka bele hanorin ema hotu atu la’o iha dalan, tantu ba sira ne’ebé la’o ain no kareta para bele kumpriede regras tranzitu ne’ebé iha. 

“Ita preokupa demais ho kestaun siguransa, korupsaun no mos governantes, maibe, buat sira ne’e lolos ita tenke halo sosializasaun, tenke fo mos edukasaun sivika ba asuntu ida ne’e tanba asuntu ida ne’e mós importante ba ema nia” Besa kestiona.


Entertantu Jose Sarmento hateten, nu’udar komunidade sente triste tanba ita nia maluk sira ne’ebe mak lori transporte hanesan kareta no motor seidauk iha konseisa ba zebrakros.


“Ita hare bebeik ona iha estrada balun ne’ebe iha zebrakros, dala barak kuandu kondotoris balun fo tempu atu ema sira ne’ebé la’o ain atu hakat liu ba Estrada sorin, maibe kondotoris balun mai ho kareta tama deit ho problema hirak ne’e mak dala barak mosu aseidente bebeik,”tenik Jose (**) 

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Tempo Timor: Moris nu’udar povu kbi’it laek, Florentina da Costa Sousa, hisik kosar iha estrada ninin diresaun Largo Lesidere, hodi fa’an sasan iha karosa roda tolu para sustenta nesesidade familia uma laran. 

Inan husi oan nain hitu rekoñese katak, atividade fa’an sasan ho roda tolu (tiga roda) la’os buat foun ba nia, tanba atividade ne’e hala’o ona iha tinan 12 nia laran.

Esforsu ne’ebé inan feto Florentina hala’o durante tinan naruk nia laran, nu’udar motivasaun ida ba nia oan sira hodi banate tuir, labele hanoin atu depedente de’it ba ema seluk. Maibe, oinsá bele kria serbisu ba an rasik. 

Maski habai an iha loron laran no hasoru defikuldade oin-oin, maibe la sente kole bainhira hala’o serbisu fa’an sasan, tanba desde uluk kedas tia Florentina iha mehi hakarak suporta oan sira ba eskola. 

“atividade fa’an sasan ha’u hala’o kuaze tinan sanulu resin rua ona. Ne’e duni, ha’u la preokupa ho situasaun saida de’it naran katak bele hetan osan ruma hodi sustenta nesesidade uma laran no haruka ona sira ba eskola. Dala ruma sasan sira ne’e ema sosa kada loron ($ 5.00 ), maibe ita maka tenke pasensia nafatin hodi fa’an.” dehan Florentina Dominggu foin lalais iha Largo Lesidere, Dili.

Ho ambisaun Florentina hala’o serbisu ida ne’e, tanba hakarak ninia oan sira ba eskola hanesan sira seluk no ida ne’e sai hanesan responsabilidade ida ba nia. Nia rekoñese katak feto barak  maka agora daudaun buka osan mesak ba nesessidade uma laran.

Problema hanesan hato’o mós husi vendedora, Aurora Maria do Rosaria ne’ebé nia laen tenke husik hela tanba de’it cultura.

Maske moris mesak ho oan na’in haat, maibe Aurora nunka lakon esperansa hodi hala’o serbisu ida ne’e. Tanba, inan husi oan nai haat ne’e konsente katak ho atividade negosiu maka durante ne’e nia fo han ba oan sira. 

 “Ha’u la sente moe fa’an sasan iha estrada ninin, dala ruma ha’u leba ikan iha estrada, tanba de’it hakarak hetan osan.” tenik Aurora. 

Husu kona ba rendimentu kada loron, Aurora responde,  se sorti di'ak kada loron ida bele hetan to’o U$ 10.00 no dala ruma menus no la hetan, maibe sira sempre hakas an nafatin hodi buka osan, atu nune’e bele sustenta oan sira nia persiza nomós nesesidade uma laran. 

Florentina ninia lala’ok ne’e tuir kedan mensajen ne’ebe sempre bolu atensaun ba povu Timor tomak hodi kontinua luta ba moris di’ak no labele tauk atu rende ba ki’ak no mukit. 


Maske ho rendimentu naton de’it maibe bu’at ne’ebe principal maka Feto barani nain rua ne’e exekuta ona mensajen balun husi Xefe do Estadu, Taur Matan Ruak ne’ebe dala Barak eko iha fatin-fatin hod bolu atensaun ba povu Timor tomak atu kontinua luta ba moris di’ak no labele tauk hodi rende ba ki’ak no mukit. (**)

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Tempo Timor : Governu Salin Osan milaun wain ba kofre kompania hodi halo kuak no taka kuak liuron sira iha Dili laran wainhira Komunidade sira iha area rural susar asesu ba dalan. Iha Tinan rua ka tolu ninia laran ikus ne’e Governu salin milaun lubun liu husi liuron ku’ak ba iha kompania Estrada bo’ot di’ak maibe liuron ku’ak barak nafatin I heto’ok a’at liu tan ku’ak fali iha fatin ne’e uluk konsege Estrada bo’ot di’ak taka ba. Nune’e mos daudaun ne’e publiku asiste hela sobu trotoar ne’ebe balun tinan 2014 maka halo husi kompania sira. 


“Ita hare’e osan ne’e salin maka’as ba kompania sira liu husi projeitu sira hanesan ne’e. Karik ida ne’e halo ho intensaun atu fasilita kompania sira hetan osan ou Ministeiru Obras Publika maka ninia planu lalo’os nune’e halo sobu no halo sobu”, dehan Agustinho soares komunidade ida husi Kaikoli wainhira dada lia ho Tempo Timor besik Ministeiru Justica.


Iha parlte seluk maske reprezentante povu iha Uma Fukun Parlamentu Nasional iha tempu ruma kotuk kestiona kona ba kondisaun Estrada dirasaun Bairo Formoza no Bairos dos Grilosne’ebé iha etapa reabilitasaun nia laran maibe la iha kualidade.


“ hau preokupa tebes ho projetu reabilitasaun estada iha partensia Bairo Formazo nian besik apotik Cito nian. Imi lori kareta halai tesik took ba iha ne’eba kareta sempre tatidik tanba Estrada balun sei kuak hela.” Deputadu Joaquim Dos Santos kestiona iha momentu ne’ebá.


Preokupasaun hirak ne’e konsege responde ona, tanba daudauk ne’e empreza ka kompaina ne’ebé kaer obra refere hala’o hela serbisu iha area ne’ebá hodi taka Estrada hirak ne’ebé maka sei kuak.


Tuir observasaun Jornalista Online Tempo Timor iha terenu nota katak, oas ne’e daudauk ekipamentus boot hanesan silindru no kareta ne’ebé hakerek Montana Diak Grup hala’o hela serbisu iha fatin refere.


“Projetu reabilitasaun estarada ida ne’e kleur ona, maibe seidauk remata entaun sira kontinua mai hadia fali hanesan ita hare daudauk sira lori hela alkatraun hodi halo kaber fali Estrada, liu-liu taka Estrada kuak sira ne’e” haktuir komunidade Manuel Junior da Costa ne’ebé hela iha dirasaun refere.


Manuel haktuir, nu’udar komunidade sira la tau kestaun kona ba prosesu reabilitasaun ne’e sedu ka tarde, maibe importante maka tenke garantia ninia kualidade, tanba iha fatin balun Estrada ohin hadia tiha maibe liu tiha semana ida ka semana rua nia lara Estrada hahú kuak fila-fali.



“Nu’udar komunidade baibain ha’u nia mensajen ba emprezariu sira maka tenke serbisu ho konsensia bainhira kaer projetu, tanba osa ne’ebé maka imi hetan husi projetu ne’e povu nian no projetu ne’ebe imi hala ne’e ba povu ho nasaun ida ne’e, ne’e duni tenke halo ho kualidade” Manuel husu. (**)

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Tempo Timor:  Segunda Feira, (27/7),Vise  Ministru  Obras Públikas ba asuntus Transporte no Komunikasaun (MOPTK),  Inácio Moreira  ho ninia kometiva ofisialmente hala’o vizita urjente hodi hare direitamente kondisaun Portu Dili.


Objetivu husi vizita ne’e, atu hasoru malu ho ekipa boot ida husi area Portu Dili nian no Ajensia Kooperasaun JICA husi Governu Japaun, oinsá atu buka fundu hodi hala’o rehabilitasaun fila-fali ba Portu Dili.


Vise Ministru Inácio haktuir, Portu Dili presija hala’o ona rehabilitasaun urjente tanba hare ba kondisaun Portu Dili ladun di’ak ona.  


“Ami hala’o ona reniaun ho Ministru atu hahu halo duni rehabilitsaun urjente ida hodi hare lalais kondisaun Portu. Ita hare iha parte leste nian movimentasaun komesa  la funsiona ona,” tenik vice Ministru, Inacio Moreira ba jornalista sira iha Portu Dili, Segunda-Feira (27/7).  


Inacio rekoñese katak, kondisaun Portu Dili komesa at ba bebeik hanesan dalan, ne’e duni ba oin presiza kria politika ida oinsá atu bele hala’o ona rehabilitasaun ho lalais hodi nune’e bele responde defikulidade ne’ebé maka durante ne’e  sai obstalku iha Portu Dili.


Inacio haktuir, liu husi planu ida ne’e iha ona kondisaun para hadia operasaun iha ita nia portu. Tanba, hare ba movimentasaun iha parte leste nian edifisiu hirak ne’e tenke hala’o rehabilitasaun total, inklui hare mós ba projeitu portu tibar ne’ebé tuir planu sei hari.  


“Edifisiu hirak ne’e presija hadi, atu nune’e bele funsiona fila-fali hodi sistema kontrolu marítima nian bele la’o di’ak, se lae roó sira ne’ebe mak tama mai ita sik de’it mos labele, ne’e duni ho vizita ida atu mai hare kondisaun portu hodi bele aprova osan atu halo rehabilitasaun.” Inacio esklarese.


Iha vizita ne’e, Vice Ministru Inacio Moreira hare mós kondisaun roó ne’ebé maka hetan soke iha loron hirak liu ba. 


“agora daudauk roó refere hala’o hela manutensaun tanba roó ne’ebé hetan soke ne’e nnia poste  ida mak tohar  no Diretor sira mos informa ona ba róo nain hodi hadia urjentemente tanba iha roó nia okos nakfera liu.” Konta Inacio.   


Iha fatin hanesan,  Natalino da Silva responsável tekniku  informa  katak, bainhira roó ne’e departamentu Marítimo, (Horbor Master) hatama mai roó tula sasan todan ho 5 mil toneladas.


“to’o agora roó ne’e seidauk bele fó sai tanba seidauk hetan konkordansia husi parte rua, tan ne’e tekniku husi Vietnam mai rasik hodi hare kondisaun roó refere. Nataino konta tuir”  (**)

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DILI- Senõra Maubisse oras ne’e domina tebes iha Merkadu Taibessi, maibé problema folin ne’ebé kompetitivu tebes mak halo negosiante sira mós sente araska itoan.  

Negosiante modo senõra, Leonardo Soares husi Munisipiu Ainaro, Postu Administrativu Hatubuilico hatete, durante tempu lobuk ida ona nia fila liman liu husi fa’an de’it modo. Leonardo hahu nia atividade fa’an modo ne’e iha tinan 2006 iha merkadu Hali Laran. Hafoin governu halo merkadu Taibessi mak nia foin muda ba iha merkadu ne’e hodi kontinua fa’an to’o ohin loron.

“Iha Merkadu Hali Laran mós ami fa’an de’it modo. Agora muda fali mai iha Taibessi mós hanesan. Ami sosa modo hirak ne’e husi maluk sira iha Maubisse (Ainaro). Kada semana ami kompras (belanja) dala ida de’it, maibé depende ba stock. Kuandu stock mamuk ona, entaun ami telefone ba sira foho hodi lori modo mai,” haktuir Leonardo bainhira dada lia ho Jornalista Tempo Timor iha merkadu Taibessi, Sabádu (25/07).

Modo sira ne’ebé Leonardo fa’an iha merkadu Taibessi mak señora, fehuk ropa, rapollu, modo mutin no koto nurak. Husi lala'ok ne'e populasaun iha ninia inisiativa rasik maibe falta atensaun husi governantes sira atu reforsa liu tan sira nia produsaun.

“Modo rapollu ne’e ami sosa ho Kareta de’it. Kuandu sosa karada ida ho folin U$ 800.00. Deopois mak ami fa’an fali eceran. Rapollu fuan ida ami fa’an ho folin U$ 0,5 centavos. Fa’an saku ida ho folin U$ 50,” esplika Leonardo.

Leonardo agradese tebes bba governu ne’ebé fasilita ona sira hodi fa’an iha merkadu Taibessi, tanba iha ona kondisaun di’ak. Kompara fa’an iha merkadu Hali Laran mosu problema barak hanesan ema sempre naok sira nia sasan.

“Agora iha ne’e di’ak loos, tanba laiha ema naok ten no ahi mós kalan lakan hela de’it,” nia hatete.

Leonardo ho nia kaben Hermelinda Fátima oras ne’e iha oan hamutuk nain lima (5), feto tolu (3), mane nain rua (2). Liu husi sira nia atividade negósiu ne’e mak hodi sustente sira nia nesesidade uma laran no sustenta oan sira ba eskola.

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Tempo Online: Iha fulan hirak liu ba Primeiru Ministru (PM), Rui Maria de Arauzo deklara katak, membru governu sira sei la halo limpeza tanba iha serbisu barak atu halo, ne’e duni knar ida ne’e sei entrega ba lider komunitariu no Xefe Suku sira. 

Mesmu nune’e, Xefe Suku Maskarinas, Mateus de Jesus Valenti hateten, ba membru governu ka funsionariu publiku sira ne’ebé hela iha suku tenke hola parte mos iha atividade suku nian, ne’e duni bainhira autoridade lokal ho komunidade sira halo limpeza konserteza nudar sidadaun iha suku refere tenke halo mós limpeza.    

Deklarasaun PM ne’ebé dehan, funsionariu sira labele halo limpeza ne’e la iha buat ida. Maibe, nu’udar autoridade lokal hakarak hateten, funsionariu sira ne’ebe mak hela iha suku konsidera mós hanesan komunidade ne’e duni sira mós bele organiza malu hodi hamos foer iha bairo laran.

“Se ita konsidera membru governu labele halo limpeza, depois komunidade mak ba hamos fali ninia uma oin, ha’u hanoin ida ne’e sala boot. Tanba, nu’udar sidadaun tenki kontribui ba atividade iha suku no aldeia ne’ebé mak nia hela ba.” dehan Valenti.

Xefe Suku ne’e haktuir, funsionariu sira halo limpeza iha estrada publiku mak la di’ak, maibe atividade limpeza iha suku laran sira tenke kontribui hodi hamos sira nia uma oin.

“Banhira ita hakarak Dili sai nu’udar sidade ne’ebé saudavel, entaun entidade hotu-hotu tenke kontribui ba prosesu ida ne’e, hodi nune’e bele garantia ambiente ne’ebé mós no saudavel, ema ida-idak tenke tau konsensia hodi labele so’e foer arbiru.” Valenti hakotu.

Iha parte seluk, Natersia da Costa estudante husi Universidade Dili hateten, ita presiza halo limpeza iha sidade Dili, atu nune’e ambiente iha sidade sai furak liu tan.

“ha’u hanoin parte hotu-hotu, hahu husi komunidade bainbain to’o funsionariu sira tenke halo limpeza. Ida ne’e la signifika atu halo limpeza ba iha fatin hotu, maibe ema idak-idak bele hamos ninia uma oin” dehan Natersia.

Maskarinhas ho Kaikoli nu'udar fatin ne'ebe sempre hetan ameasas husi inundasaun no moras tan ba we nalihun tuir kanu be no kantereiru ba kuda kanku nia fatin.(**)

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Tempo Timor -Polisia Nasional Timor-Leste husi parte tranzitu Nasional serbisu hamutuk ho Polisia Distritu Dili ninian halo pasa de revista ba dokumentus kareta ninian iha parte rotunda hera ninian.

Tuir Komandante Polisia ne’ebe komanda operasaun ne’e dehan informa lala’ok balun ne’ebe sira deskonfia hodi hamosu auto stop refere. Nia esplika katak parte autoridade polisia Timor-Leste simu informasaun katak kareta publiku hanesan bis ho mikrolet balun halo operasaun sein iha licensa husi autoridade.

Iha auto stop ne’e kareta sira ne’ebe husi parte leste atu ba Dili no sai husi capital nasaun ninian atu halo viajen ba parte leste hetan pasa de revista dokumentus.

Tuir observasaun kareta balun la iha dokumentus no balun dokumentus la kompletu nune’e Polisia tranzitu sira toma nota ba kareta sira no ba sofer sira hetan chamada de atensaun maka’as husi Polisia tranzitu ho DNTT.


Publika iha Seguransa Defesa

Manelovas, Tempo Semanal - Orsamentu rektifikativu aprovadu no promulgadu ona maibe orsamentu ne’e tuir komunidade sira iha area rurais dehan fahe ba malu hodi halo projeitus bobo’ot no la responde ba iha preokupasaun sira nian.

“Ami la’os husu uma andar ho folin karun maibe ami husu maka hadia ka halo estrada, hadia sentru saude, hadia fasilidades eskola ho ema hanorin nain sira i ami la husu high way. Atu halo dala ida mai ami mos susar mas Governu buka maka halo kampo aviasaun no auto estrada”, so’e piadas husi Araujo lider komunitariu ida iha Maubese ne’ebe husu Jornal ne’e labele publika de’it ninia apalidu husi nia naran.

Iha sorin seluk justifikasaun ba lia dalen husi Araujo ninian lider juventude ida husi aldeia ne’ebe izoladu iha suku maka izoladu Manelovas.

“Atu dehan de’it katak ukun an ne’e ba ema ida ou rua de’it mak senti maibe ami ne’ebe mak iha fatin izoladu ne’e nunka senti ukun an. Tan ba saida mak ami iha fatin sira hanesan ne’e sei terus bei-beik hanesan ne’e? Iha fatin barak ahi eletrisidade mos lakan ona, dalan di’ak maibe ami iha ne’e, iha tempo portugues nian ami terus, mai fali iha tempo Indonesia nian mos ami nafatin terus hela de’it, agora ita ukun a’an tiha mos ami iha areia remotas ne’e sempre terus nafatin. Bainhira los mak terus ne’e bele hotu?”, lian dale sira ne’e expreza husi Manuel Castro Reis, Xefe Juventude iha Aldeia Maulai husi Suku Manelovas.

Castro Reis hatutan liu tan ninia lian halerik hodi husu ba ukun nain sira iha Dili atu lori dezenvolvimentu ba to’o iha foho fatin ne’ebe sira horik ba.

 “hau hakarak husu ba nai estado sira, karik be;e lori desenvolvimentu mai to netik ami ne’ebe mak iha izolado ne’e ba”, nia hateten.

Nia haktuir ninia observasaun katak, “hau kuando ba dili hau hare dalan ida ne’ebe mak foin kuak de’it. osan sai ba kompania sira hodi taka lalais tiha mas ami nia dalan a’at tinan ona mas la iha ida maka hateke”.

Futuru lideransa iha Aldeia Maulai ne’e dehan sai ninia observasaun katak iha ninia aldeia no iha suku Manelovas en jeral komunidade sira iha produtu agrikula maibe falta asesu ba dalan maka empata atu sira hari ekonomia familias ninian.

“Ha’u bele dehan katak ami iha ne’e produto lokal ne’ebe mak bo’ot liu mak koto ho kafe. Maibe kafe  ne’e tinan ida mak foin fuan dala ida, mas koto tinan ida ami halo dala rua. Ne’ebe ami kuando ba fa’an iha Merkado Turiscai ho Merkado Maubisse do’ok tebes husi ami i a’depois dalan at tan. Ami tara ba kuda atu lori entaun kuda ida so lori maka lata rua e tolu de’it labele liu husi ida nee no ba fali ita ema lori deit ne’e bele lori lata ida deit mos ita labele ona ne’ebe hanesan ami povo kiik ami la husu buat ida, naran dehan iha hanoin mai hadia mak ami nia dalan para ami bele lori ami ninia sasan ba fa’an iha Merkado”, dehan Castro Reis.

Iha parte seluk lia nain husi Aldeia Maulai relembra hikas vizita Xefe do Estadu Taur Matan Ruak ne’ebe ba iha sira nia fatin iha

Lia nain husi Maulai, Marcos da costa haktuir ba jornalista tempo semanal iha ninia fatin dehan katak ami iha nee so falta buat hat deit  mak seidauk senti maibe importante liu mak Estrada iha tinan kotuk liu ba ita nia maun boot presidenti mai visita too iha ami nia suco ida ne’e no nia hare rasik ami iha nee nia moris.

Tuir lia nain ne’e katak terus la’o ain ne’ebe sira hetan ne’e lada’uk hotu tan ba ki’ik oan sira mos hahu hetan sofrementu la’o ain hodi oras balun nia laran maka ba eskola iha Liupluli tan ba distansia do’ok.

“Ami iha ne’e Kuando dalan diak ami bele halo buat ruma, ami nia oan sira bele ba eskola la’o ho diak tan ba ami latauk ba mota, ou saude bele mai too iha ami nia suko. Se kuando dalan ladiak buat sira ne’e labele la’o. Sira atu mai husi ida ne’ebe? Ne’e impaktu mai husi Estrada”, dehan lia nain husi aldeia Maulai.

Lian nain husi Maulai ne’e hafahe mos preokupasaun husi lider komunidade ida seluk iha Maubisse ninian.

“Ita atu dehan tenki dada ahi mai to’o iha suko sira ne’ebe hanesan ami iha ne’e. Ne’e defisil tebes no araska liu se wainhira mak dalan la diak atu lori sasan mai husi ne’ebe. Nune’e duni ami hanesan komunidade husu ba ulun boot sira atu tau netik ami nia preokupasaun ba iha ita boot sira agenda ba. Tan ba tinan-tinan dehan aprova orsamentu maibe ami ne’ebe mak iha area rurais hein too atu mate tiha de’it mos buat ida lamosu”, dehan da Costa.

Nia esplika katak komunidade sira tenke hein to’o tempo udan para hodi hadi’a fali sira nia liuron.

“Ami iha area rurais, iha tempo bailoron ami halo gotong royong hodi taka dalan kuak sira atu nune’e kompania sira hodi mai tetu ami nia kafe. Maibe udan hanesan ne’e araska kareta labele tama mai atu hodi tula ami nia koto sira ne’e; ne’e so ami nain rasik mak lori ba Merkado tan ba ema pedagang de’it mos tempo rai udan hanesan ne’e sira la brani atu mai ida”.

Nia haktuir katak, “Ami iha n’ee sira ne’ebe mak hanesan iha motor entaun tempo udan hanesan ne’e sira ba tau hela iha Turiscai. Motor labele liu mai tan ba dalan at hotu no bee ke tiha dalan hanesan mota oan. Ema ruma mak moras todan mos susar tebes atu lori ba Ospital tan ba dalan mak ladiak, ne’ebe ami nia preokupasaun primeiro mak dalan de’it”.

Populasaun Manelovaas ho aldeia lima moris izoladu tebes tan ba maske estrada iha, maibe motor de’it mos labele asesu iha tempo udan nune’e populasaun sira kastigu a’an la’o ain hodi oras ba oras lori sira nia produtu agrikula ba to’o Maubese.

“Husi Maubese ami la’o ain mais ou menus besik oras walu tan ba ami sai husi Maubese iha tuku walu dadersan no to’o iha Manlobas tuku hat ka besik ona tuku lima lokraik. Nune’e duni husi Manlobas atu fila mai ami la’o ain ba liu husi fali Turiskai tan ba sei besik liu uitoan kuaze lori oras lima de’it”, dehan Amaro da Costa, komunidade ida husi Aileu ba vizita ninia familia iha Aldeia Maulai, suku Manlobas foin lalais ne’e.

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